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Adventure Travel

what? Another website handing out "Best of the Web" commendations? Country Music has fewer awards!

well, not exactly. To prepare for a cross country trip this summer, a.k.a. "roadtrip", I turned to my favorite medium, the web, for help. Some of the sites I found were so helpful, or cool, or worthy I decided to create a page to thank them. (And who knows, maybe a few of them will link back to me.)

rather than give out a "Cool Travel Site of the Day/Week/Fortnight" I decided to divide them into the categories below. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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Sites to See

Mountain Meadow RV Park and Campground: Sue Hussion runs a campground just outside of Glacier National Park, MT. Some nice links & photos of the area. Think I'll have to visit there.

Meridian CondoResorts: Like golf? Outdoor activies? The good life? If you've got the flow, check out this site about first-class accommodations in Scottsdale, AZ.

The Bats at the Bridge: Not the most interesting looking site, but interesting none the less. If you want to view bats in Austin, TX, this is place to get information before you go.


Communities/Areas of Interest

Memphis Mojo: Preserve & Defend. One of the funkiest sites I've ever seen. Everything you need to know about the food, music and soul of Memphis is here. A must see.

Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau: Another well done, comprehensive city site for "The Live Music Capital of the World". (No fear of hyperbole here.)

Scottsdale Home Page: Part of the Arizona Guide. With links to great outdoor activities among other things, it's far better than the duller-than-paint City of Scottsdale Official Home Page.

Ultimate Cades Cove Guide: Located in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park in Tennessee, one of the most popular areas in that park.

Holiday World: If you like Santa Claus, former president Abraham Lincoln and waterslides, but never thought you could enjoy all three in the same day, check out Holiday World in Indiana.



L.L. Bean: A staple of mine for years. The best return policy in the business.

REI Home Page: Claiming over 4000 products online, there's little chance they don't have what you're looking for.

Outside Online: An online companion to the magazine.

GORP - Great Outdoor Recreation Pages: An extensive collection of information on travel throughout the U.S. and beyond. Info on bike trails, whitewater rafting, hiking and more.

Roadside America: Your Guide to Strange and Wacky Vacation Wonders. Everything from the biggest ball of twine to beer drinking goats.

FestivalFinder: Music Festivals of North America. A great site for finding where your favorite bands are playing across the continent, whether you want to see Lollapalooza or Yani.

Speedtrap: An exhaustive list of speedtraps throughout the US and around the world. Also, how to fight 'em once you got 'em.

Delorme CyberMaps: Not really sure where you're going? Want to see a map of your home town? Need to map out which route to take? Here's THE place to start.

City Guide: If you're looking for information on a specific city or state, this is a great resource; lots of links, lots of maps.

Let's Go: The Bible of the Budget Traveler-If you ever took a semester abroad, you're probably familiar with the Let's Go series. Did you know they have a Let's Go USA? Great resource, although you would think that a guide that started out of Cambridge would send you to better nightclubs in Boston than Zanzibar.

Parknet: The National Park Service Place on the Web. Looking for pictures, information, camping sites at any national or state park? These guys have got the goods.

The Internet Guide to Hostelling: Possibly the world's most complete list of hostel links, FAQs and other resources. Jump right to the US hostel list if you like.

Off the Map and Amuck in America: These guys are planning their second wired cross-country trip. How the hell did they cram all that travel into 9 days last year?


Adventure Travel

Nothing yet, but soon.



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