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g reetings. My name is Rich, and I live in a great part of Boston called Jamaica Plain, or "JP" if you're cool. I live on a quiet street within walking distance to both Jamaica Pond and a great neighborhood bar, the Brendan Behan. I was born just over 29 years ago in Worcester, MA. My family quickly moved to Denver, CO, then back to Massachusetts where we settled in the quiet, dry town of Needham. Brendan Behan

The Brendan Behan

i made it, sometimes painfully, through the Needham Public school system, spent my summers at Camp Bauercrest and went to Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY.
after graduating I moved back home with the rest of my generation after a brief stint as a dancing waiter. (Don't ask.) I found a job at a company called Ultra Care Services and worked there for over 5 years. It was a great experience (though I learned more about incontinence and pressure sores than I wanted to know.)
w hile I was there, I created a website for them, and realized I wanted to do more of that. In May I left my job at Ultra Care to start a website design company called b1 communications. I even got myself a domain name which, as it turns out, can easily be mistaken for "BLCOM.COM". But it's actually a "one" after that first b. But I digress.
w hile I write this out, I'm wondering if it's bullshit for me to create a page about myself. I mean, who am I? But then, as I sit here typing away and watching TV, the finals for the casting of the "Real World in Boston" come on MTV. You know the deal; where a bunch of 18 to twentysomethings jockey to be on a TV show where they are constantly followed by a camera crew recording every minutiae of their lives. And now, suddenly, my page seems kinda small and quiet in the shoadow of a decade where everyone's got a video camera, everyone's been on Oprah, and every politician feels the need to pontificate on CSPAN or Larry King. Maybe I need to add sound.
i 've long believed that life is a scavenger hunt where you don't get to see the list of stuff you have to scavenge. When you get to heaven they show you the list that you should have gotten done: ride a rollercoaster 10 times in a row. Learn oragami. Own your own business. Take a homeless person out to lunch. Make love with a beautiful woman (or man, if you're of that bent) on the beach. Get the sand out of your shorts. Eat sushi. Go on an all night bender. Surround yourself with a great group of friends. Say something you'll regret. Go whitewater rafting.

t he point is, you don't know what's on the list, so it's your job to go out and accumulate as many experiences as possible. I strongly recommend renting Albert Brooks' "Defending Your Life" if you haven't already seen it.
tourist anyway, for a long time I've wanted to go cross-country, and I figured this was as good a time as ever. And just to make it difficult, I decided to bring along my laptop and tell anybody who cared to listen all about it.

k eep in touch.

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