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a.k.a. "what's going on here?"

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morning coffee

w elcome to the rules of the road. This is where all the icons, links and ideas are explained. I created this site to document my trip cross country, and provide links to the things I see, the places I go, and the people I meet.

y ou can get around this website a couple of different ways: start from the beginning or jump to a certain day. By clicking on the calendar icon on the blue navigation bar at the bottom of the picture, (or by clicking here) you can go to the calendar page which allows you to enter the roadtrip at any point.

getting around



viewing pictures


if you see an thumbnail photo like the one to the right here or an "eye" like the one to the left you can "click" on it to see a bigger image. (Go ahead, click it, you know you want to.)

a s you follow the travel, you'll see icons to the side of the road, giving you clues to what's going on. You might see the image to the right if I visit the Liberachi museum, or the biggest ball of twine.


t hat's really all you need to know. Use the blue navigation bar when in doubt. The US 101 sign will always bring you back to this page. The calendar allows you to jump around throughout the site. The shaking hands bring you to a list of all the links I've made, organized alphabetically by height. The trophy will take you the roadtrip awards page; a great resource for good travel-related sites. The typewriter will let you get in touch with me, and finally the rounded "Information" symbol will give you more information about me than you'd ever want to know.

k eep in touch.

t o go to the calendar page that will allow you to navigate this site click here. To go to the first posting, click here.



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